Lose Your Mummy Tummy – 3 Exercises To Get Rid Of Baby Fat


To lose your mummy tummy you’ll need to start using a healthy weight loss diet again and ensure you re-start on a regular exercise routine once your period has returned to normal and you feel stronger. It is very important that you don’t rush back too soon or try to start back where you left off before you were pregnant, your body will need time to adjust. By exercising to hard, too soon you run the risk of damaging your health so as in the case of your diet, make sure you are guided by your doctor.

The following 3 exercises are a great way to rebuild strength and help you get rid of baby fat and lose your mummy tummy:

1.) Core Workouts

Pregnancy often weakens some areas of your abs and you should always check with your doctor if these type of core exercises are appropriate for you. Working your core muscles is the first step in losing the fat around your lower belly that women seem to store fat after pregnancy. You can use a swiss ball to perform many core exercises and should you feel unable to complete the regular moves, most of these types of exercise can easily be modified to take into account your fitness levels ensuring that no matter where you are now, you will lose your mummy tummy in time.

2.) Cardio Workouts

Alongside your core strength exercises you will also want to gradually ease back into a cardio routine although be careful not to rush back to the level you were at before your pregnancy. Avoiding high impact cardio sessions such as running and aerobics is a good idea whilst your body recovers so start slow and easy with walking or swimming. 20 minutes per day a few times a week is a good starting point and over time you can increase both the intensity of your exercise and the duration so you can burn more calories and lose your mummy tummy quicker. Taking your child out in a stroller and pushing it up a hill is a great way to increase intensity and change things up a bit!

3.) Strength Training

Our final exercise to help you lose your mummy tummy is strength training. This is a part of your workout program that you really shouldn’t neglect as not only will it aid your recovery by building up your strength and building lean muscle, it will also help you lose weight by elevating your metabolism. As with everything else, start slowly and concentrate on your core and stability muscles first to improve your balance and posture. You should then choose exercises that work a variety of muscles and focus on strengthening your whole body.

With any of these exercises, if you start to feel any pain or discomfort you should stop immediately – losing baby weight is one thing but staying healthy is another. Start off slowly and progress from there, increasing the frequency and intensity of your workouts as you go, do this and you will find that you lose your mummy tummy a lot quicker than you thought!